Midcentury Danish Leather and Rosewood Armchair Lounge Chair Model 110 by Illum Wikkelso for Soren Willadsen

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A rare and extremely elegant 1960's armchair designed by the magnificent Illum Wikkelso for Soren Willadsen, Denmark. 

The chair is upholstered in the original leather. It was very worn in places with prominent cracks, especially on the arms and seat, so we opted to have the leather cleaned, all cracks sealed/protected to prevent further damage occuring in the short-medium term, and the colour restored. As can be seen in the photos, there are still lots of signs of age and evidence the leather has been restored on the seat and arms, but we believe it was very important to try and preserve the original leather.

The seat webbing and foam had completely perished as is normal after circa 50 years, but the chair is designed in such a way that it can be easily dismantled into four parts, one part being just the seat. This allowed us to very carefully remove the leather so we could replace all inner materials (new pirelli webbing and high density foam) before putting the leather back on. 

We have cleaned and nourished the solid rosewood base to reveal it’s natural beauty, and the condition is excellent as can be seen in the photos.

Designer / Manufacturer

Illum Wikkelso / Soren Willadsen

Dimensions (approx.)

Width: 80cm

Depth: 90cm

Height: 93cm

Seat height: 40cm

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